CNC Bender, Manual Bending Machine Manufacturer in China

We is a manufacturer of CNC bender, manual bending machine and laser cutting machine. In order to provide customers with superior bender, we not only use internationally advanced automatic bender designs, but we also developed our own bender control system. As a result, our automatic benders are precise, efficient, easy to operate, and are ideal for automatic bending and slicing operations. Focus on product improvement has made our manual bending machines reliable, long lasting, and increasingly used to make die boards in the printing, packaging and electronic industries. In addition, our laser cutting machine is widely used to cut acrylic sheets, board, cloth, leather, and many other kinds of material.
    1. CNC Bender, General Type
    2. CNC Bender, General Type The CNC bender, general type includes such functions as automatic bridge location and air-operated lip. It can effectively reduce waste which saves on material cost for our users. The CNC bender, general type is equipped with a powerful self-developed, updated automatic bending control system which is easy to operate and can be upgraded ...
    1. CNC Bender, Automatic
    2. CNC Bender, Automatic The CNC bender, automatic conducts the process of automatic bending, lipping, cutting, bridging, flat cutting and so on. Our machine takes imported steel for bending mold which is tough, high strength and durable. With domestic unique rotary cutting mode and rotary lipping mode, the lip size can be adjusted. The cutter durability can be improved three-five times ...
    1. Die Board Laser Cutting Machine, 200-300W
    2. Die Board Laser Cutting Machine, 200-300W The laser power of 200W, 300W Die board laser cutting machine is 200W, 300W GSI laser from UK. Its worktable size is 1250mm*1250mm and 1250mmx1850mm. For cutting capacity, the die board ranges from 18 to 22mm; the milled steel is 2mm or below; and the stainless steel is 1mm or below ...
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, 700-150
    2. Laser Cutting Machine, 700-1500w The 700W, 1500W Die-board laser cutting machine uses Rofin-Sinar tech fast axial flow laser. The primary parts of the machine use imported and high quality beams of light and have stable performance. The 700W, 1500W Die-board laser cutting machine has a high quality ball screw and linear guide transmission system. The driving system is imported from Japanese Yaskawa, Mitsubishi and Panasonic ...
    1. Acrylic, Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
    2. Acrylic, Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Laser: 100W,200W,300W GSI Laser from UK 200WROFIN Laser from Germany 700W,1500W Rofin China Laser
      Machine structure: Gantry
      Optical system: Semi-flying optics
      Control system: Motion Card ...

Automatic Bender Manufacturer in China

We at we are fully aware of the importance of product quality, so we take many quality control measures. First, we only work with qualified suppliers, and we conduct rigorous quality inspections of each batch of incoming raw materials and parts before they enter the warehouse. Next, we assemble our double cutting machine and laser cutting lipping slitting machine in strict accordance with all assembly standards, so as to ensure the stability of the whole machine structure. Finally, we perform comprehensive inspections and testing of our finished products, and only those which meet our standards are allowed to leave the factory. Consequently, our products are high quality and CE certified, so customers can feel secure in using our CNC benders and laser cutting machines.

At we, we strive to reduce product prices without sacrificing quality. We have a professional research and development department which continually works to optimize product designs by integrating the most current technological data. This reduces our consumption of raw materials, and thus, our production costs. Scientific production management and inventory management assist in reducing unnecessary waste and improving efficiency. All these factors combine to enable us to offer high quality automatic CNC bender, electric notching machine and die board laser cutting machine at competitive prices.

To better serve our customers, we provide operator training and other customized services. Presently, we bending machine and laser cutting machine are exported to America, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, France and Denmark, among others. If you have any need for our products, please contact us.